Computerized Note taking/CART



CNT/CART (Computerized Note Taker/Communication Access Realtime Translation)

Step 1: 

If this accommodation is approved, complete the Request Sign Language Interpreter, CNT or Real-time Captionist form to provide the service with the type of information required to set up these services (e.g., course timetable).  Request this form via our front desk staff (AA142) or  We are working to get this form online for your convenience. 

Step 2:

Email your CNT/CART request to the Assistant, Volunteer Resources at ​The Assistant, Volunteer Resources will contact you to review your request.

Step 3:

The service will facilitate an introduction with you and the Service Provider prior to the class

Step 4:

The Assistant, Volunteer Resources will email each instructor to inform them that a CNT/CART Service Provider will be part of the class, and encourage the instructor to email should they have any questions or concerns.   

Step 5:

The Service Provider will introduce themselves to the faculty and provide a quick orientation on the service.  

Student Responsibilities

•    You must promptly inform the Assistant, Volunteer Resources of any changes to your class schedule (add/drop courses, change sections, etc.).  

•    You cannot make special arrangements with your Service Provider to make changes to the schedule.  Any requests to change the agreed upon schedule must go through the Assistant, Volunteer Resources.

•    You are expected to attend every class.  You will not be provided with notes for courses you are not attending unless these classes are missed for disability-related reasons. Please speak with the Assistant, Volunteer Resources regarding missed classes.

Timelines for Requesting Services

Please submit a service request by the posted deadline in order for AccessAbility Services to have sufficient time to book a qualified Service Provider.  If you submit your request late this may result in difficulty getting coverage or delays to the accommodation.


Summer - All requests should be submitted by April 30th

Fall - All requests should be submitted by August 10th

Winter - All requests should be submitted by November 30th