myAIMS Instructor Information

UTSC’s AccessAbility Services delivers many services through an online system called My AccessAbility Information Management System (myAIMS)

Letters of Accommodation

Course instructors can view their students' Accommodation Letters online via myAIMS.  This module allows faculty to conveniently reference which students in their courses are currently requesting accommodations. 

For more information and step-by-step instructions on this module, please visit our Letters of Accommodation page. 

Test/Exam Request Process

All tests and exams are now coordinated through the Accommodated Tests and Exams team in The Office of the Registrar

In terms of facilitating the test/exam accommodations Instructors can expect the following:

  1. Students will request their test/exam accommodations via myAIMS
  2. An email notification will prompt Course Instructors to go online to provide our office with the details (e.g. confirm length of exam, aids allowed, etc.) of your test/exam. This will replace the former paper based process. Note: It is imperative that the details of the test be inputted within 24 hours of receiving the email. This urgency results from the fact that every accommodated test/quiz has an impact on the entire day’s test schedule.  Accommodations, timing, staffing and room bookings cannot be finalized until all details are considered.
  3. Course Instructors will be emailed at the utoronto email address a complete list of students’ writing, their accommodated start times, and their writing locations.

This module allows Instructors to input the details of the test only once, regardless of the number of student accommodation requests. All information will be available online, which means it can be updated and checked anytime.

We welcome your feedback are committed to the ongoing improvement of myAIMS.

Please direct any test/exam process feedback or questions to the Accommodated Tests and Exams team in The Office of the Registrar at 416-208-4722 or by email at 

Please direct any other questions to AccessAbility Services at 416-287-7560 or