Health Plans

You have basic health insurance coverage through either provincial health insurance (for Ontarians the plan is OHIP) or the University Health Insurance Plan (called UHIP). 
  • If you are moving to attend university, remember to submit your change of address to OHIP. Forms are available at the Health & Wellness Centre. 
  • Provinces differ in the services covered by their health insurance plans. If you are an out-of-province student, be sure you are aware of the coverage you will receive while in Ontario. 

Student Health Plans

Student health plans are the responsibility of your student unions. Should you have questions about your plan please contact them directly.

Scarborough Campus Student Union (SCSU) Health Plan is for full-time students. However, part-time students with disabilities can opt into the SCSU health plan by completing an enrolment form at the SCSU Office on campus (SL108). This plan offers health, dental and vision benefit. Students can opt out of the plan if covered by a family health plan. 

More information on student health plans and opting in and out go to the SCSU website.

Part-time Student Health Plan

For more information about part-time student health and dental benefits, visit the Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students (APUS) website.

External Health Plans

If you are graduating, and only have coverage through the student health plan, we encourage you to look into health plans prior to graduating to ensure you funding is not interrupted (e.g., medication coverage is not stopped until you find a new health plan).