Reduced Courseload

Domestic Students:

If you meet the OSAP definition of having a permanent, persistent or prolonged disability, you may be eligible to take a reduced course load of 40%. This means that you can take 1.0 credits per session and still qualify for OSAP funding/interest-free status. Please see our page on financial aid for more information and speak to your Disability Consultant should you have further questions.

Note: For 2022-2023 Students who have a verified persistent or prolonged disability are only eligible for federal assistance if they are taking at least 40% and less than 60% of a full-time course load.

International Students:

International students must consider the policies related to their study permit when considering a reduced course load, suspension or leave


Supports Available:

Recognizing students may be concerned about the impact of reducing their course load on their financial aid, academic program, academic progress, and/or student status in Canada, AccessAbility Services hosts 1-1 sessions on 'Should I Drop or Not?' offered every term, during the week prior to the deadline to drop courses without academic penalty.  Check out the Upcoming Events for more details and specific dates.  Students can sign up to meet with an Academic Advisor, Financial Aid Advisor, International Student Advisor and/or Disability Consultant.

Students can also schedule appointments by booking directly with any of the services listed above throughout the year.

Academic Advising & Career Centre Tip sheet: Should I drop or not?