EES1116Y Internship

This course is mandatory for students in the internship enrollment option. It consists of a work term (minimum of 4 consecutive months) at a location approved by the Graduate Chair and/or Program Directors.  Students will be responsible for securing their own internships although the MEnvSc Internship Coordinators are continuosly seeking out opportunities in industry, government and non-governmental organizations. Students also make a Poster Presentation (which usually takes place in September), sharing their experience working in the field.  


The Internship is worth 2.0 full credit equivalents (FCE) to the students:

·       1.0 FCE (50% of the grade) for the successful completion of the internship as judged by the intern’s supervisor at the employer organization, and expressed in an evaluation, which is submitted at the end of the internship period.

·        0.5 FCE (25% of the grade) for the satisfactory completion of a written self-evaluation. The self-evaluation briefly presents the main project(s) executed during the internship under the supervision of a professional within the organization. It provides an explanation of the student’s role in the organization/project(s) and will include a detailed self-assessment of the student’s success and learning experiences during the internship.

·        0.5 FCE (25% of the grade) for the satisfactory completion of a poster highlighting the internship experience, which should be presented in early September, following the completion of the internship.

The self-evaluation and poster will be completed on the intern’s own time under the guidance of the intern’s supervisor at the employer organization and will be evaluated by appropriate faculty member(s) at UTSC. Information of a privileged nature should not be included on the poster or in the self-assessment.  All materials must be submitted to UTSC by the student at the end of the four-month internship or the 2nd last week of the semester, whichever comes first.

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