Events and Seminars

November 30, 2023 1:00 to 2:00pm EV140 and Zoom

Dr. Piata Santana Marques 

Title: Fish and the city: understanding the effects of urbanization on the ecology and evolution of aquatic biota.

Abstract: I am an ecologist who sees natural wonders behind the concrete of our cities. Through those lenses I study the interaction between people, ecology and evolution in aquatic ecosystems. I use a trait-based approach to expose the mechanisms through which organisms (often fish and invertebrates) persist, adapt and interact with humans in cities. I am currently a researcher at the University of Toronto, Canada. I earned my PhD at the University of Victoria, Canada and my Masters at the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You can find more info about my research at As a Black ecologist, I strive to support BIPOC students in STEM through the Odu initiative



MAY 16 & 17, 2024 - 7th Annual Doctoral Environmental Science Colloquium