Researchers at UTSC have access to the Environmental NMR Centre which is a unique and cutting-edge facility solely dedicated to the molecular analysis of complex environmental samples. Using specially designed NMR hardware and other innovative technology, research students are able to analyze and map the compounds found in natural organic matter, which lead to a vast range of environmental studies.


TRACES is the newest state-of-the-art analytical facility for use on the UTSC campus. It contains all the modern analytical instruments required for a leading edge chemical, biological and physical science department. The Centre was made possible by the joint efforts of the TRACES staff, Agilent, Bruker, UTSC, DPES and the respective Chairs.

TRACES provides both instrumentation and training for a very large and diverse field of users. The Centre is used by UG students in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences. As well, graduate researcher and principal investigators in UTSC Community. The laboratories also welcome all UTSC students providing the necessary training and hands-on access to the technologies of the future allowing them to develop essential skills to further their research careers or to secure jobs in fields of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environmental Sciences.

The TRACES Centre is located at the University of Toronto Scarborough: Environmetal Science Building 2nd floor-EV215. Access is restricted please contact Tony Adamo at

TRACES website: