Physics and Astrophysics


The department offers a wide range of introductory courses in Astronomy and Physics as well as research project courses for senior students. Astronomy and Physics faculty in the DPES specialise in the study of the differences between the solar system and extrasolar planetary systems; general relativity and its application to the evolution of black holes; and the thermal evolution of solid planet interiors, including the Earth.

Research strengths in Physics and Astrophysics include theoretical work and high-performance computing related to current questions in the fields of general relativity, planetary system formation and the evolution of planetary interiors. Faculty participate in the interpretation of ground-based and space-borne observations of astrophysical objects, propose novel theories of the planet forming process, and use supercomputers to run large-scale particle-based and fluid dynamics models.


Physics-Astrophysics FAQs

  • PHYA11 can't be used as a substitute for PHYA10 for program requirements and/or course pre/corequisites.
  • PHYA22 cannot be used as a substitute for PHYA21 for program requirements and/or course pre/corequisites


  • If you are planning on taking courses at a different campus you must consult with the program supervisor *BEFORE* doing so as there are no set equivalences, only exceptions. Exceptional permissions for core PHY/AST courses require exceptional circumstances (e.g.: course cancellation, previously failed course), as all courses in the programs are given regularly at UTSC.


  • UTSG courses PHY131H1 and PHY132H1 cannot be used respectively as substitutes for PHYA10H3 and PHYA21H3, in any program requiring PHYA10H3 and/or PHYA21H3 or for any pre/corequisites.


  • Without Grade 12 Physics you will not be accepted in PHYA10.

The one option is to take PHYA11 as a substitute for Grade 12 Physics (but not as a substitute for PHYA10), and then use PHYA11 to satisfy the pre-requisite for PHYA10.

Unfortunately, because PHYA10 and PHYA11 are exclusions, this means PHYA10 will be marked as extra: it will NOT count towards degree requirements (that is it will not count as 0.5 FCE needed to graduate), but it will count towards the meeting of the program requirements.