Ken Howard

Ken Howard
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Building EV 348
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Teaching Interests

  • EESC07H3F - Groundwater
  • EESC16H3S - Field Methods
  • EESD07H3S - Environmental Science Field Camp II

Research Interest

Groundwater research

Awards and Grants

  • President (and Chairman of the Board of Directors) of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (2012)
  • International Association of Hydrogeologists President’s Award (2011)


  • ​Dou, Y. Howard, KWF, and Qian, H. (2016). Transport characteristics of nitrite as determined by a 12-day soil column experiment. Journal of Water Quality, Exposure and Health Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 381-387.
  • Javadi, S, S.M. Hashemy, K. Mohammadi, and K.W.F. Howard, (2017, in press). Classification of Aquifer vulnerability using K-means cluster analysis. Journal of Hydrology. 549:27-37
  • Žaknić-Ćatović, A., Howard, K.W.F. and Ćatović, Zlatko, Z. (in press, 2017). Modification of the degree-day formula for diurnal meltwater generation and refreezing.  Theoretical and Applied Climatology.
  • Li, P., KWF Howard and M. Currell. (2017, in review). Cultivating hope for a better future: research contributions from young scholars in earth and environmental sciences. Environmental Science and Pollution Research.
  • Qingshan, M., Luo, Z., Howard, KWF, Zujiang, L., Howard K.W.F; and Wang, Q. (2017 in review). Evaluation of optimal aquifer yield in Nantong city, China, under land subsidence constraints. Quarterly Journal Engng. Geology and Hydrogeology.
  • Luo, Z., Qingshan, M and Howard, K.W.F. (2017, in review). The influence of porous media deformation on contaminant transport. Environmental Earth Sciences.

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