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Meal Plans at UTSC

Once you purchase a Meal Plan, your funds will be available on your TCard (Student ID Card) the very next business day or immediately if you purchase it in person at Portable 102 (beside Joan Foley Hall). We have two meal plan options for commuter students to select from; All Access Meal Plan or a Declining Balance Meal Plan.

All Access Summer Meal Plans 2024

Summer All Access Meal Plans

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Declining Balance Meal Plan

A table listing the price of declining balance meal plan

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All Access Fall & Winter Meal Plans 2024 - 2025

All Access Meal Plans

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All Access Meal Plan

When you purchase a 5 or 7 day all access meal plan is unlimited access to the new residence dining hall, Harmony Commons in the First Year Residence Building during regular hours of operations. This includes access to 10+ customizable stations (pasta, deli, salad, Grill station, gourmet pizza station, sushi, breakfast, etc), snacks and beverages. $150 TBucks is included and can be used at applicable retail service locations such as laundry, printing, food services, Bookstore, etc. at the Scarborough and St. George campuses. 


Declining Balance Meal Plan

When you purchase a Lite, Semester or Value meal plan, the cost of your meal is withdrawn from your Meal Plan account. If you do not make a meal purchase, no funds are withdrawn from your account. In addition, Students with this Meal Plan will save the 13% tax on all eligible meal purchases. The tax savings is automatically applied at the time of the meal purchase. The UTSC Declining Balance Meal Plan is accepted as a method of payment at all campus food outlets including the new Harmony Commons Dining Hall! You can eat whenever you want and spend as little or as much as you want! This is the flexibility of your UTSC Declining Balance Meal Plan!



TBucks is a universal Flex Dollars widely accepted across both Scarborough and St George Campus. TBucks can be re-loaded at anytime, and it is the only way to pay for the late-night station (at the dining hall), laundry, printing, retail food outlets on campus. In addition, you can purchase taxable confectionary items (chips, soft drinks, etc) or for textbooks and payment for department services on UofT mobile ordering app. TBucks can be purchased by anyone holding a TCard for use on the St. George and U of T Scarborough Campuses (TBucks Policy)

how to purchase a meal plan
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UTSC Meal Plans Meal Plans can be purchased online using any major Credit Card! A 2% Credit Card Convenience Fee will be applied to all Meal Plans purchased with a Credit Card. Meal Plans purchased in person with Debit or Cash will not be subject to the Credit Card Convenience Fee!

Questions? Give us a call at (416) 208-2233 or email us at You can also drop by the UTSC Meal Plan/TCard+ office at Portable102 (next to Joan Foley Hall)!

*Average Use is based on average student eating habits using average price points for meals. This will vary from student to student. Actual use will depend on number of meals student has per day as well as cost per meal. Commuter Meal Plans are non-reloadable. In the event the student runs out of money prior to the end of the Meal Plan period, a new Commuter Meal Plan may be purchased at anytime of the month. Transfer fees apply.

**CIPE: Capital Improvement and Program Enhancement Fund is utilized for facility improvements, TCard Plus operations and program enhancements.