Temporary Food Services

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The Food Partnerships Operating Principles and Food Partnerships Services Rules and Regulations apply to all temporary food services.

The following application must be completed by the event organizer and returned to University of Toronto Scarborough Food Partnerships for approval. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours or two working days to have the application reviewed.


Before filling out this form, please review the Scarborough Campus Safe Food Handling Guidelines.

Temporary food services refer to one-off events where food is served or sold to the community for various reasons including community building, raising awareness, and fundraising. Although the University recognizes that such events are important for students, these events are held on University property, and therefore, must abide by these operating principles due to food safety concerns. At these events, food must be catered by licensed on-campus caterers or off-campus caterers. The organizing parties must obtain the necessary approvals from Food Partnerships and other relevant departments at least 3 business days before hosting the event.

AFTER SUBMITTING THIS FORM: Scroll down the page to the form, and sure that the last line says "Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly". If not, your form was not submitted correctly and we will not be able to approve your event