Mobile App

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The mobile app offers you a quick and convenient way for you to order food and other goods from one spot. 

mobile transact app

mobile transact app

Why Download? 

With the app, you can personalize your profile, see past orders, find the hours of operations for your favourite spots, and so much more.   

With just a few clicks you can see the food service websites for both U of T Scarborough and St. George, as well as the maps for both campuses.   

The system is all integrated with your Tbucks, meal plan, or your credit card, making it accessible to all. 

This app is accessible to students and staff and faculty on the St. George campus and the Scarborough campus, so far.  

How to Download? 

The University of Toronto Mobile Order app is super easy to use. Download and use it in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the Transact Mobile Ordering App from the App Store or from Google Play
  2. Choose the University of Toronto
  3. Login using your UTROID

Order now and enjoy!