Food User Commitee

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The Food User Committee is looking for members!
  • Meet twice a term to discuss food on campus
  • Bring ideas to the group while sharing knowledge with your peers
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Provide a structured and open forum to evaluate and review policy, directions and operational aspects provided by UTSC. This Food User Committee reports to the Director of Business Development and Special Advisor to the CAO.


  • H-Wing MarketPlace
  • Tim Hortons B-Wing Bladen Foyer
  • Starbucks S-Wing Meeting Place
  • Gathering Grounds
  • Food Venues in the Instructional Centre
  • Catering
  • Vending
  • The Bottega
  • Booster Juice
  • Harmony Commons Dining Hall


  • To monitor the quality of food service operations by developing and evaluating audit tools such as customer surveys, benchmarking, mystery shopping etc..
  • To bring forward ideas around environmental sustainability of food services operations on campus to be acted on by Retail and Conference Services.
  • To discuss ideas for outreach and programming activities, and/or participate in the planning of such activities (e.g., cooking classes, cultural events involving/highlighting food services, educations programming related to food services, etc.).
  • To collect feedback from the various constituencies represented by the Committee members.
  • To ensure an open channel of communication for members of the University community to register their concerns and/or suggestions in relation to food on campus.
  • To receive and discuss requests and suggestions made by students/faculty/staff with regards to food services at UTSC.
  • Advise the Director of Business Development and Special Advisor to the CAO on the issuance of tenders, requests for proposal and selection of vendors for services on campus.
  • The Committee must be  consulted prior to any and all major changes in service, such as: locations, pricing, and permanent changes to hours of operation.


  • 1 faculty representative
  • 1 staff representative
  • 1 residence student nominated by SRC
  • 1 undergrad nominated by SCSU
  • 1 SCAA representative
  • I Student at large
  • 1 Graduate student nominated by UTSCAGS
  • Director Student Housing & Residence Life or designate
  • Representative from Department of Student Life
  • 2 Residence students who live in Harmony Commons
  • 2 Residence students who live in South Residence
  • 1 Residence Advisor
  • 1 SCSU Food Centre Coordinator

Non-Voting Members

  • Assistant Director Hospitality Services
  • SCSU food court management
  • Health & Wellness Nutrition Peer Educators


  • Food Service Contract holders
  • Committee Secretary
  • Conference Services
  • Special Events and Outreach Coordinator or designate

Terms and meeting requirements

  • Chair will be chosen annually by committee members
  • All members will report to their stakeholders and asked to serve a two year commitment (renewable)
  • The Food User Committee will meet 4 times a year minimum. By majority committee agreement or as need arises, further meetings may be called to meet specific issues or needs.
  • Members may miss no more than two meetings. Members are responsible for sending a designate if they are not able to attend
  • Members in good standard will be given a meal card and asked to provide structured feedback to the committee regarding their experience.
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