UTSC just got friendlier!

Food Partnerships and the Office of Sustainability have teamed up to introduce new reusable containers in the Market Place and Bottega to replace our single-use packaging.  All package is returned, washed, sanitized and recirculated for use again on campus!  This diverts plastic and waste from the landfill, prevents ghg emissions, and saves water!  

Did you know that almost half of the ocean litter is related to takeout food and drinks? here is what we are doing about this! 

lets end food packaging waste

Step 1

Order your favourite meal in the MarketPlace or Bottega, which will be put into a reusalbe Friendlier container. There is a $0.50 refundable deposit paid at the check out.

Step 2

Enjoy your favourite meal.

Step 3

Scan the containers QR code using the Friendlier App or your phone's camera

Step 4

Return your container to a collection bin at the MarketPlace, across from Bottega our outside of the Tim Hortons Bladen Wing.

Step 5

Collect your deposit within a couple of weeks via e-transfer


process on how to use the friendlier containers

Friendlier FAQ

Before returning your containers, scan the QR code with our mobile app. Watch your balance grow, or request payout!

No, but please scrape out all food residue in a food compost bin before returning.

Scan and return it anyways! We will make sure it gets properly recycled!

Yes, we take sanitation seriously! Our high-temperature dishwasher is rated to kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.

You can claim your deposit return through the friendlier website at or email