Admission Requirement

Minimum Admission Requirements

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE): the completed diploma, including at least two (2) elective subjects from Categories A and/or C. Subjects should include prerequisites for intended programs.

Note that for programs with a calculus prerequisite, Mathematics Module 1 (Calculus and Statistics) or Module 2 (Algebra and Calculus) is required. Applicants who are not completing Module 1 or 2 may present Advanced Level Mathematics, AP Calculus or SAT subject test Mathematics II as an alternative.

Documents required for admission

Students currently enrolled in a secondary school (in English)

Students not currently enrolled in a secondary school

  • Form 1–5 Result
  • List of Form 6 subjects
  • Interim/mid-term transcript of Form 6 if available
  • Predicted HKDSE Form
  • For students without M1/M2 but applying to programs that require M1/M2, please submit an alternative test score
  • School Profile
  • Complete secondary school transcript
  • HKDSE Statement of Result
  • Study Plan for the next 8 months
  • For university students only: list of courses enrolled in (school letter required)
  • School Profile

Other documents (not admissions-related) are also required for your application. These include the School Profile and Student Identification Copy.

Conditional offers of admission will be made based on your previous year grades and your in-term/mid-term results, if available.