Academic Resources

Academic Advising & Career Centre

The Academic Advising & Career Centre is a team of professionals who advise, counsel and coach students in their learning and career development. Recognizing each individual's unique potential, the Centre empowers students to gain the knowledge, understanding and experience necessary to make informed decisions now and for the future.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar provides timely, quality service to students (prospective, current and future) and to faculty, staff and the community in an efficient, friendly manner while ensuring the accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of academic records.

Centre for Teaching & Learning

The Centre for Teaching & Learning is dedicated to helping teaching assistants and grad students develop their teaching skills and professionalism.

Co-operative Program

U of T Scarborough is the only U of T campus to offer formal Co-op programs. These allow students to gain valuable paid work experience in Canada and overseas in countries such as China. With more than 40 Co-op options to choose from, students will find it easy to combine their academic interests with related employment opportunities.

U of T Scarborough Library

The U of T Scarborough Library is your physical and virtual portal to a vast array of information and expertise. The librarians and staff are available to assist you with your research and information needs.

Academic Integrity

The Office of Academic Integrity promotes honesty, trust, and responsibility and can help to guide students through the core principles of academic integrity. It advises students, instructors and staff on matters related to academic integrity and academic misconduct.