After you apply

What to do next:

  1. Watch for an Acknowledgment of Application. We will send you a written acknowledgment by email shortly after we receive your application.
  2. Watch for the Entrance Examination notification. We will send you an email with the Entrance Examination details. 
  3. Watch for any updates made to your application portal by our admissions office. We will update your application regularly. If we require a new document or additional clarification, you will receive an email telling you to check your portal for more information.
  4. Make note of any interviews. You may need to be interviewed for admission to certain programs (e.g., Management & International Business). You will be notified if an interview is necessary soon after we receive your application.
  5. Check your application status. You can verify contact information and any documents requested and received; see selection decisions; confirm receipt of your admission acceptance; and pay your application and program fees on the Green Path application portal.