First-Year Learning Integration Program (FLIP)



What is FLIP?

The First-Year Learning Integration Program (FLIP) is a co-curricular program offered to all incoming first-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Management students. It is intended to help make your first-year transition smoother, easier, and more successful by helping you develop academic, personal, and career skills, build connections and support systems, and learn strategies for success.

How it Works

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Within FLIP you will be divided into a group of ~30 peers led by 2 upper-year mentors. These mentors are upper-year Management students who can guide and support you and share their knowledge and experiences with you!

Each FLIP group will attend 10 biweekly sessions covering a range of helpful topics (e.g. academic preparedness and integrity, midterm and exam preparation, wellness, career exploration, equity, diversity, and inclusion, etc.) and social opportunities, giving you the chance to develop your skills and get to know your peers and make some everlasting friendships!

Register Now!

FLIP is a limited-registration program with a maximum of 100 spots. We encourage you to apply early so we can guarantee your space. 

All students enrolled in a Management Co-op specialist program are automatically enrolled in the co-op office's Advancing Your Career Exploration (AYCE) course. As such, FLIP will give priority to BBA students who are not enrolled in a co-op subject POSt to ensure that as many U of T Scarborough Management students as possible receive access to resources.


For any questions about FLIP or your first year at U of T Scarborough Management, please contact Cherie Zhang, FLIP Program Coordinator:


Why Choose FLIP?

1) Achieve Success

  • Attend workshops on academic preparedness, goal-setting, study strategies, exam prep, and more.

  • Meet with embedded academic advisors and discover resources and opportunities to help you achieve success.

2) Become Part of a Community

  • Connect with a diverse community of first-year Management students just like you.

  • Share experiences and build everlasting friendships by attending bi-weekly sessions including discussions, activities, and social events.

3) Get Mentorship and Guidance

  • Receive guidance and support from an upper-year mentor throughout your university transition.

  • Hear from upper-year students about their experiences and the strategies they used to navigate exams and assignments.

4) Develop Career Planning Skills

  • Start planning your career with resume review as well as networking preparedness and job searching workshops.

  • Get access to networking opportunities with upper-year students, alumni, faculty, and working professionals. 

5) Reach New Heights

  • Develop personal skills through workshops on intercultural learning, equity, diversity, inclusion, resilience, wellbeing, and more.

  • Share and learn from the unique experiences of each of your peers as you become part of a diverse and welcoming community. 


"There is one thing that has always been important to me: community. The FLIP program is the exact representation of this word. It not only creates opportunities for students to properly assimiliate into university; it also brings students from different walks of life together to create bonds that might not have been made. The FLIP program made me a more wholesome learner, a more community-oriented leader, and a more outgoing person."

- Mojolaoluwa Smith



"When I first joined FLIP, I didn’t realize the impact it would have on my university life. I enjoy being a part of FLIP because it has allowed me to meet people in my program in an informal setting and become friends with them. All the mentors are super friendly, so as a first-year, when you're feeling lost or don’t know what to do, joining FLIP is really useful. When there are moments I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I find that the FLIP workshops give me a chance to relax and recollect myself and allow me to be in the right mind-space for exams and other evaluations."

- Raksana Pakirathan



"FLIP has acted as a warm hug for me in the Management world of UTSC with support being given to achieving academic success whilst also gaining exposure to networking opportunities and planning our future career paths. I immensely value the advice I have received from my mentors who shared their experiences with me and helped me develop success strategies of my own. It has been so amazing to have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people who are in the same shoes as me, and together we are able to continually strive towards improving our first-year experience, through the workshops and resources we are provided with.”

- Suhani Mehta



"One of the best decisions I made in my first year at UTSC was joining the FLIP community. Even before our classes started in September, I was so fortunate to meet such great people through FLIP. I was quite anxious about making friends prior to the start of university, but rest assured, FLIP took care of that gracefully. There are tons of resources on campus that it would be impossible to learn about these resources in a timely fashion. FLIP has made my first-year experience incredibly smooth, and I would recommend it to every incoming Management student at UTSC!"

- Ahnaf Rahman


"I'm very glad that programs such as FLIP exist within UTSC. As first years, you would find the university atmosphere intimidating and you wouldn't know how to adjust. That is what FLIP is for. This program helps guide first-year Management students through the adjustment process and provides tips and resources that many of us have started to apply into our daily routines. You can always talk to older university students about their own experiences, and they will always be willing to help you get the answers you're looking for. FLIP is a community of students that you can bond with and gain valuable friendships."

- Michelle Hon



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