Recruitment Process

Portrait of Management student Lucille wearing business attire on campus.

How to Hire

We leverage a service-driven approach to maximize convenience and speed for employers. The recruitment process begins four months in advance of the work term (view our Key Recruitment Dates). Each recruitment cycle typically consists of two rounds: a First Round, which involves a rank-match process; and a Continuous Round. The Management Co-op office coordinates all aspects of the recruitment cycle to serve the interests of both our students and employer partners.



  • Employment criteria: Once you establish that you have the budget to hire a student on a full-time basis, or for a period of either 4, 8 or 12 months, you are on your way to becoming a co-op employer! Our Employer Relations team will help you with all logistics. Employer grants and funding are available. 

  • Job posting: Submit your job description by email to Your assigned Relationship Manager will contact you within the next business day to confirm the details of the posting. Your Relationship Manager will assist you throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that your unique hiring needs are met.

  • Application packages: Our office will send you an application package on the deadline of your choosing.

  • Interviews: We will schedule interviews on your behalf. One of the benefits of being located in Canada's business capital, Toronto, is that employers may choose to conduct interviews virtually, on campus, or at your office location. Whichever approach you choose depends on your firm's recruitment practices and preferences. We can arrange any type of interview schedule for you. Simply complete the appropriate form and send it to either or your Relationship Manager, who will be happy to assist you with this process.

  • Offers: Once you are ready to extend an offer, please inform your Relationship Manager and share a copy of the contract. The co-op office will extend and confirm offers on your behalf. Then you're ready to welcome your co-op student and begin the onboarding process!

Posting Details Recommended

Submit your co-op job posting(s) by email to Please ensure the following critical information is included:

  • Duration of job (4, 8 or 12 months)
  • Preferred closing date
  • Location of position
  • Hiring contact
  • Any special instructions, for example:
    • If applications are to be submitted on your company website
    • Any supplementary documents to include with an application
    • Special notes or contacts

Benefits of On-Campus Interviewing

  • Increases your name recognition and on-campus recruitment brand within the student community.
  • Eliminates scheduling conflicts with students' academic obligations.
  • Provides a convenient option for candidates, i.e. they won't miss classes due to travel time.

Benefits of Interviewing at Your Location

  • Students gain a more comprehensive understanding of your work environment, culture, and location. 
  • You maintain control of the candidate experience.
  • You maintain flexibility in dealing with last-minute changes internally.