Combined Degree Program: Accounting & Finance BBA + MAccFin

The Combined Degree Program (CDP) in Accounting and Finance is offered exclusively to Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students at UTSC. Designed for you, it’s your direct route to the CPA designation and includes pathways toward obtaining two more optional designations recognized in Canada and globally. But CDP puts more than just important letters after your name. It gives you the keys to unlock a world of opportunity at the new and emerging intersections of Accounting and Finance. Why settle for anything less? Be Unlimited.

Earn your BBA and North America’s only Master of Accounting & Finance (MAccFin) degree from Canada's No. 1 university in just 5 years.
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Gain a head-start and long-term career advantage by specializing in two connected yet distinct disciplines.

The aim of the CDP in Accounting and Finance is to make aspiring financial professionals at UTSC the most sought-after candidates for accredited CPA and financial services co-op and career-entry roles in the country. Your career will lead quickly to intersections where accounting and finance meet. You’ll soon see more opportunities, discover new intersections regularly, and level up often at all stages of your career. The success of our alumni and employer network proves it. 

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How CDP works

  • Start working towards your MAccFin degree while you complete your BBA.
  • Take two MAccFin courses during your BBA that count toward both degrees. We map out the timetable for you.
  • Apply to co-op jobs or internships as a BBA student who has been accepted into a Master’s degree and is pursuing professional credentials that are in demand.
  • You be will assessed for scholarships, in addition to those you may have received upon entry to the BBA program, and these new scholarships will be awarded after you complete the BBA.

Two ways to pursue the CDP*

  1. Select the CDP as your Subject of Major Interest upon application to the BBA program from high school, or
  2. Apply after your first year of the BBA program, but before your third year.
    *Whichever way you choose, you’ll have to have at least a B+ average (3.3 CGPA) after Year 1 of the BBA. 


CDP course pathways

Unlimited advantages, personalized for you.

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The CDP prepares you to navigate an ever-changing range of opportunities in the following areas:

  • Corporate and public-sector accounting and financial management
  • Public accounting and taxation
  • Corporate and investment banking
  • Institutional asset management and private equity
  • Consulting (financial, operations, risk, internal audit, M&A)

For admissions inquiries, please contact: 


Navi Gill
Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Officer
University of Toronto Scarborough