EES1131H Applied Climatology

This course will introduce and discuss the basic topics and tools of applied climatology, and how its concepts can be used in everyday planning and operations (e.g. in transportation, agriculture, resource management, health and energy). The course involves the study of the application of climatic processes and the reciprocal interaction between climate and human activities. Students will also learn the methods of analyzing and interpreting meteorological and climatological data in a variety of applied contexts. Topics include: Solar Energy; Synoptic Climatology and Meteorology; Climate and Agriculture; Climate and Energy; Climate and Human Comfort; Urban Effects on Climate and Air Pollution.

Note for CCIA students: In order to fulfill the program requirements, two (2) of the following three (3) courses must be taken: EES1131H Applied ClimatologyEES1134H Climate Change PolicyEES1136H Climate Change Adaptation

This course is not being offered in the 2022-23 academic period. Students in the CCIA program will need to enroll in both EES1134 and EES1136 to complete their program requirements. 

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