Eligibility Process (PhD)


It is important to find a suitable potential supervisor who has room in their lab and enough funds to fullfill the funding packiage requirements. Before applying, consult the Faculty Research pages to determine which faculty members are conducting research in your area of interest. Applicants should contact Graduate Faculty members directly with expressions of interest. A willing supervisor is one of the key requirements for admission.

Applicants will be admitted to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environmental Science Program under the general regulations of the School of Graduate Studies of the University of Toronto, and will be expected to satisfy all requirements for entry into the graduate school at this university within a competitive selection process.

Students may be accepted into the PhD program through one of three routes:

  1. Following completion of the MEnvSc degree, the MSc degree in environmental sciences, or a related discipline, or the MASc degree in environmental engineering or a related discipline, or equivalent from a recognized university with a minimum of B+ average in all work completed in the master’s program;
  2. By requesting transfer from a suitable master’s program (see above): students may reclassify from the master’s program after 12 months of full-time study;
  3. In the case of exceptional students, by direct entry, that is, after completing an honours BSc degree in a bachelor’s program in a related discipline with a minimum U of T average of A- or equivalent.
  4. Applicants educated outside Canada should pay particular attention to the English-language competency requirements. Read the international students section  for more information.