How to Hire a DPES Intern

Students shaking hands with an employer at networking event

The DPES Internship Team offers a full-service operation to facilitate your hiring needs from start to finish. Let us be your one-stop-shop for hiring graduate student talent.

Our exclusive job board opens annually on December 1. Employers are encouraged to post early to have access to the most robust talent pool possible.

Hire a DPES Intern in 4 easy steps: 

  1. Submit a job posting 
  2. Receive your complete application package within as little as 1 week 
  3. Interview your preferred applicants 
  4. Extend an offer to your selected candidate(s)   

The DPES Internship Team is pleased to assist with any or all stages of the recruitment process. Some of the ways in which we can assist employer partners include: 

  • Developing a job description 
  • Advertising internship opportunities to current students and/or recent alumni 
  • Sending batch delivery of applications 
  • Verification of candidate qualifications based on job requirements (upon request)  
  • Interview scheduling 
  • Extending offers of employment 
  • Developing an internship employment agreement 
  • Sourcing suitable funding opportunities

Submit a job posting