Work Term Excellence Award: Shuhong Brandon Duan

Shuhong Brandon Duan

“Be proactive, be open to learning, be professional—and be reflective.”

– Shuhong Brandon Duan, Co-op Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Candidate 2023, University of Toronto Scarborough
Congratulations to Brandon, recipient of a Management Co-op Work Term Excellence Award for his contributions at Nokia in Fall 2022!

How did you get hired at Nokia?

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I applied for the position through our internal job portal for Management Co-op students. About a week later, I received an invitation to interview, and during that conversation my skills in communication and software engineering were largely acknowledged by my future manager. When I got the job offer, I was ecstatic.

Tell us about your role and your team.

As a full-stack developer, the most important project I worked on was managing a major update for the web framework. I investigated, identified, analyzed, and solved the issues that arose during the update. The assignment offered me a chance to understand the codebase and work on specific issues related to database, libraries, and the implementations of other programmers. I not only gained experiences in engineering large software systems, but also elevated my skills in project management. My manager at Nokia was Ken O’Gorman, who is the coolest leader I have ever had! Ken cared a lot about me and my learning. Also, a big shoutout to my mentors, Aman and Jeff, who helped me build my skill set for the industry.

What are your career goals and how will you leverage your BBA degree to achieve them?

I want to be an experienced software developer who can incorporate one’s technical skills in practical issues. To me, working is about advancing myself and creating value for others. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at UTSC, and my co-op work term at Nokia, have both provided me with great learning and opportunities to achieve my goals. Hopefully one day my efforts will allow me to create something impactful enough to benefit society.

Why makes the Management Co-op program at U of T Scarborough the right fit for you?

Studying business at UTSC is perfect for me because of the University’s commitment to Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) and the innovative curriculum. My personal motto of “Experiencing and Creating” aligns directly with the opportunities offered by the Management Co-op program, allowing me to gain valuable work experience and make important industry connections.

Advice for future co-op students? 

Be proactive, be open to learning, be professional—and be reflective.