File Transfer System

File Transfer System is a Staff & Faculty service designed to transfer large files (up to 5GB) in a fast and secure manner. Senders will be notified when the recipient has successfully received the file, and all data is encrypted during the transfer, ensuring that your files are protected and secure. Files sent through the UTSC Filetransfer system are only available for 10 days. After this time period, the files will be purged.

  • Log in with your UTORid and password
  • The options commonly used are "Drop-off" and "Request a Drop-off".
  • The Drop-off option will allow you to send files to an indvidual's email address (internal or external). When selected, click "Next" to move beyond the "Infromation about Sender" page.
  • Click the green "+" button and put in the recepient's name and email address. When done, click on the "x" to close the box.
  • Select "Choose File" from the bottom of the screen to find the files on your computer to send. If you have multiple files, it's best to compress/zip them together to form just one file.
  • When files are selected to send, click "Drop Off Files" to send them
  • Your recepient will receive an email in their inbox along with a link to click on to download the files.



  • If you require someone else to send you a file, select "Request a Drop-Off"
  • Type in their name and email address
  • Click "Send the Request"
  • The recepient will then receive an email prompting them to select the files they have to send you
  • You will receive an email when files have been sent along with a link to click and download the files

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