Working From Home

Remote Desktop

IITS helpdesk can help you configure your office computer to enable remote access from your home computer when you need to work from home.

Send us an email and copy your supervisor to request access. You must obtain your supervisor's permission to use Remote Desktop to work offsite.

Connecting to the U of T network from home



For the vast majority of faculty and staff users at UTSC; connection to the UTORVPN system using the Cisco AnyConnect client which is already installed on all IITS configured computers will allow you to be able to access your required resources from home (such as OurSpace shared folders).

The instructions on how to connect to UTORVPN are provided in this link. In the event your computer was not setup by IITS and does not have the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software pre-installed, the UTORVPN webpage also provides links to download the approperiate version for your platforms (PC, Mac, Linux)



Should UTSC faculty and staff have the need to access specific resources at UTSC not allowed through UTORVPN, the OpenVPN system will allow you to connect to the U of T network from a home computer.

Setup Instructions

openvpn logo

Please Note: In order to use the VPN, the current user must have administrative rights on their computer. If the account is set to "limited" or "Power User", then the VPN connection will fail.

Webfolders (UTSC Share Drives)

You can now access all your shared folders on the UTSC network from home using your web browser on your home computer.

Using Webfolders from a Browser

  1. In your web browser (Firefox,Chrome,Internet Explorer,Safari), type:
  3. At the login box, type in your UTORID and password. Once you login, by default, you will see all the main shares you have access to.
  4. Once you select which share you have your files and folders in, the content will open on the right hand side of the screen
  5. To exit, click on your UTORID at the top right hand-corner of the screen and select “Log Out”

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