IITS Departmental Values

This list of core values was developed through a series of departmental workshops and is meant to provide a framework for our work, our strategic direction and how we interact with our colleagues and clients alike.


Service Excellence

  • We pride ourselves on providing accessible, secure and quality driven solutions
  • We are responsive, reliable and proactive in our work
  • We are inclusive, available and visible across the community


Intentional Collaboration

  • We build long lasting relationships with people across our community and UofT
  • We are thoughtful, empathetic and proactive in understanding our communities’ needs
  • We engage in cross learning and collaborative problem-solving that invites diverse opinions to find the best solutions



  • We have a culture that embraces opportunity and experimentation without the fear of failure
  • We invest in our team to build knowledge, competencies and capabilities
  • We anticipate and embrace change and are agile to meet the evolving needs of our community


Empowered Community

  • We share knowledge and develop expertise across our community
  • We are confident and have the freedom to make decisions in our work
  • We are champions and leaders, always looking for ways to contribute to the success and wellbeing of our community