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How do I get a email account?

Students obtain a email account when they activate their UTORid. Their email address is typically in the form of

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Checking your email from a browser

Students Email and Calendar FAQ

Yes! You can edit your "Forwarding" options inside your UTmail+ account settings, and add another email address you wish to check messages from. Once setup, all messages that are sent to your email address will appear in your alternate email inbox. 

By default, Blackboard Portal should use your email address for sending/receiving messages. You can modify these defaults by visiting this page: myAuth settings

It's possible your device may have been compromised and your mail account was locked down to prevent spamming others. Please contact the Student Helpdesk and arrange for a time to meet so we can clean your system of any potential viruses or malware. 

We are located in three locations at UTSC: 

  • BV487
  • Library Commons
  • IC35

When you graduate, your mail account will automatically be transferred to an email address within several months of graduation. Email that is being sent to your will be automatically redirected to your new address for the first six months. You can continue using your email address as long as your email account remains active.  

If you have graduated and have not yet received an account, please contact the Student Helpdesk.