Hosted Virtual Servers

Hosted Virtual Servers

IITS offers a flexible virtualized server platform suitable for all applications, from sand-box and development environments all the way up to servers for business critical applications.  The physical server hosts reside in a cluster with failover capability across two physically secure data centers located on premise at UTSC.

To request this service, obtain additional information, or to discuss special configurations options no mentioned below, please email


Virtual Server Packages

Basic Linux VM

1 CPU (1 vSocket, 1 vCore), 1GB RAM, 1 NIC, 40GB Storage


Enterprise Linux VM

1 CPU (1 vSocket, 1 vCore), 2GB RAM, 1 GbE NIC, 40GB Storage


Microsoft Windows Server VM

1 CPU (1 vSocket, 1 vCore), 4GB RAM, 1 GbE NIC, 40GB Storage


  • All virtual machines are provided with a static IP address and hostname containing the suffix.  
  • Linux VMs are provided with a preinstalled LAMP stack.
  • Windows Server VMs will require the purchase of a Windows Server License, which is not included in the price.
  • Storage is thin-provisioned up to the specified capacity.
  • Costs are annual occurrences, and may be waived where applicable.


Additional Options

Annual Cost

Additional Memory - per 1GB


Additional CPU - per vSocket or vCore


Additional Storage - per 10GB