Management Gala 2018 Awards: Complete List of Winners

Sabrina Fanelli, UTSC Management Co-op Student of the Year 2018, with Christine Arsenault, Managing Director, Department of Management.

Pictured above: Sabrina Fanelli, UTSC Management Co-op Student of the Year 2018, with Christine Arsenault, Managing Director, Department of Management.

April 1, 2019

TORONTO, ON — From a record number of co-op work terms to new, ground-breaking partnerships in Work Integrated Learning (WIL), celebration was in the air on March 29, 2019 as the UTSC Management community gathered to recognize the outstanding students, faculty, and employers who helped make 2018 a banner year.

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Co-op Student of the Year: Sabrina Fanelli

Through her stellar work terms at one of Canada’s Big Five banks in addition to ongoing academic excellence and volunteerism, Sabrina Fanelli (BBA Candidate 2019, Co-op Management Specialist in Finance) has earned the coveted title of Co-op Student of the Year. She also received an Honourable Mention in this category from Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning (CEWIL) Canada, beating out nominees from more than 100 post-secondary institutions nationwide.

“I've had the good fortune of working alongside Sabrina throughout her university career and witnessing her remarkable transition into a leader. She is, unquestionably, top talent,” said Christine Arsenault, Managing Director of the Department of Management.

During her three work terms at Bank of Montreal (BMO), Sabrina was widely regarded as the subject-matter expert on data mining in the Anti–Money Laundering department, where she helped the enterprise achieve target timelines that had not been reached over the previous three years. Sabrina was entrusted with coaching two intern staff, delegating and reviewing assignments, and conducting data-mining training sessions with colleagues at the Senior Manager and Director level. Upon completion of her co-op term, Sabrina exceeded all expectations and obtained a performance rating of “Outstanding", the highest standard designated to BMO employees. 

Sabrina is also the Founder and President of the Women in Business Association (WIBA) at UTSC, a student-led organization committed to supporting the personal and professional development of women at the beginning of their careers.

“That's the thing about Sabrina. She gets it, and despite her myriad academic and professional priorities, she still works selflessly to help others realize their own potential,” Arsenault said.

"Sabrina radiates integrity and leads by example."


Dr. Jon Dellandrea Award: KPMG

Named for the UTSC alumnus who founded the Management Co-op program, the Dr. Jon Dellandrea award is given annually to a top employer that:

  • Fosters the growth of co-op throughout their organization;
  • Provides unparalleled skills development opportunities for co-op students; and,
  • Motivates students to excel in their work terms and develop a keen interest in staying on full time after graduation.

KPMG, which has been a flagship partner of Management Co-op since 2003, was named the Dr. Jon Dellandrea Award winner for 2018 by demonstrating an unprecedented commitment to student success.

"In total, KPMG has created about 83 work terms for our students, and that number is growing!" said Sischa Maharaj, Assistant Director of External Relations and Communications with the Department of Management.

“What sets KPMG apart is not only how they've built a strong on-campus brand through countless networking sessions and practice interviews, but also by inviting Management students to participate in open houses with KPMG senior managers. Our students are so fortunate to benefit from that level of access and mentorship."

KPMG joins the distinguished ranks of past Dr. Jon Dellandrea Award winners: 

  • 2000: BMO, E-Business Group
  • 2001: CIBC Technology
  • 2002: CIBC Technology
  • 2003: PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • 2004: Petro Canada
  • 2005: PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • 2006: Deloitte
  • 2007: Deloitte
  • 2008: OTPP
  • 2009: CPPIB
  • 2010: Microsoft Canada
  • 2011: McGovern, Hurley, Cunningham
  • 2012: RBC
  • 2013: Toronto Hydro
  • 2014: Tator, Rose & Leong
  • 2015: Ontario Public Service
  • 2016: Johnson & Johnson
  • 2017: Canada Revenue Agency
  • 2018: KPMG

Michael Papalambropoulos, Elijah Santibanez, Sischa Maharaj, and Rania Youssouf

Pictured from left: Michael Papalambropoulos, Staff Accountant, KPMG; Elijah Santibanez, Senior Accountant, KPMG; Sischa Maharaj, Assistant Director, External Relations and Communications, Department of Management; Rania Youssouf, Business Development Coordinator, Management Co-op.


Student Choice Employer Award: Magdalena Kraljevska, TD Securities

A long-time collaborator of UTSC Management, TD Securities is known for providing excellent training and mentorship programs. This year, Magdalena Kraljevska, Risk Manager, Large Exposures Program, was named the Student Choice Employer Award winner after receiving a glowing nomination from 4th Year Management Co-op Student Jesse Elisen. 

“With her management style that pushes networking, career development, and extracurricular activities, Magdalena goes above and beyond as a mentor and a leader. Magdalena constantly encouraged us to develop our technical skills,” said Elisen, reflecting on his Winter 2018 co-op term with TD.

“Perhaps her best leadership trait, however, is her ability to make the office a fun, collaborative learning environment which was never hard to come into in the morning. She would hold regular information sessions to go over topics in capital market risk management even when it wasn’t required for the job.”

Magdalena Kraljevska, Risk Manager, Large Exposures Program, TD Securities; Philip Brown, Assistant Director, Management Co-op; Christine Arsenault, Managing Director, Department of Management; Jesse Elisen, BBA Candidate; Mary Vecchio, Student Services Representative, Department of Management.

Pictured from left: Magdalena Kraljevska, Risk Manager, Large Exposures Program, TD Securities; Philip Brown, Assistant Director, Management Co-op; Christine Arsenault, Managing Director, Department of Management; Jesse Elisen, BBA Candidate; Mary Vecchio, Student Services Representative, Management Co-op.


Management Students of the Year: Bilal Fasihi & Esther Adeagbo

Bilal Fasihi and Prof. David Zweig Esther Adeagbo

Pictured from left: Bilal Fasihi, BBA Candidate; Professor David Zweig, Chair, Department of Management; Esther Adeagbo, BBA Candidate.


Management Professor of the Year: Douglas Kong (Associate Accounting Professor, Teaching Stream)

As voted by Management students!

Prof. Douglas Kong


Work-Term Recognition Awards

  • Winter 2018: Catalin Mistreanu (Molson Coors) & Stephanie Metri (Deloitte)
  • Summer 2018: Anikka Chan (OTPP) & Kia Gharibi (SWFTCharge Inc.)
  • Fall 2018: Dave Gomori (OPSEU) & Tara Shafiei (TD Bank Group)

Philip Brown & Mary Vecchio with the Work-Term Recognition Award winners

Pictured from left: Philip Brown, Assistant Director, Management Co-op; Catalin Mistreanu, BBA Candidate; Stephanie Metri, BBA Candidate; Anikka Chan, BBA Candidate; Dave Gomori, BBA Candidate; Mary Vecchio, Student Services Representative, Management Co-op.

Club Awards

Management & Economics Students' Association (MESA)
  • Associate of the Year: Oliver Pan
  • Executive of the Year: Michel Cheng
  • Executive of the Year: Jadd Harrison
Association of Accountancy
  • Associate of the Year: Jaime Wai
  • Executive of the Year: Cathy Li
  • Executive of the Year: Vanesse Yuen
Women in Business Association (WIBA)
  • Associate of the Year: Pietro Cammalleri
  • Executive of the Year: Ginny Chan
Sports & Business Association
  • Associate of the Year: Safi Sarwar
  • Executive of the Year: Kavin Nagamuthu
  • Associate of the Year: Austin Gumbs
  • Associate of the Year: Sophie Woon
  • Executive of the Year: Victor Lo
Management & International Business Association (MIBA)
  • Associate of the Year: Na Eun Song
  • Executive of the Year: Alya Fayoumy
Human Resources Alliance (HRA)
  • Associate of the Year: Jun Liou
  • Associate of the Year: Amani Eletry
  • Executive of the Year: Janie Chiu
Investment Society
  • Associate of the Year: Cathy Wan
  • Executive of the Year: Samir Addus
The Marketing Group
  • Associate of the Year: Kavya Pandhi
  • Executive of the Year: Jonathon Yung
LIVE Competition
  • Executive of the Year: Eva Tan
  • Executive of the Year: Alvin Tang
Management Technology Association (MTA)
  • Associate of the Year: Jason Wee
  • Executive of the Year: Anisha Patel
Management Consulting Group (MCG)
  • Executive of the Year: Ahyun Lee 


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