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First Year Learning Communities

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The First Year Learning Communities Program is a registered program that groups first-year students by their program of study in order to help students find a sense of community within their academic programs. Each FLC is assigned a FLC Leader, an upper-year student from a similar program of study. This program is open to all first-year UTSC students (undergraduate).

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About the Program

First Year Learning Communities, also known as “FLCs”, are groups of students from similar programs of study. FLCs focus on building community and working together to build skills for success.

FLCs meet bi-weekly for FLC Meetings, facilitated by their upper-year FLC Leaders. FLCs are divided by program of study, with a maximum of 40 students in each FLC. There is no cost to participating in this program.
The program will begin early September and will run until April. FLC Meetings will take place on-campus and in-person. FLC programming may include of off-campus trips, special events, and/or virtual events.
First Year Learning Communities help first-year students to make connections within their program of study while developing academic, career and personal skills. Each year, students tell us how the program helped them to get to know their classmates, faculty, staff, and alumni. Students also tell us that the program helped them to adjust to university and that the program enhanced their university experience.
Your participation in the First Year Learning Communities Program is also eligible for Co-Curricular Record recognition. By attending 5 FLC Meetings and completing a year-end reflection, your participation in the program will be added to your Co-Curricular Record.
The formal application period will run from June 1 to August 30. Applicants will be notified of their status in the program and FLC assignment by Sep 6. 
Students may continue to apply after the application deadline and throughout the school year. Should you apply outside of this period, you will be added to our waiting list and notified should spaces come available.
To participate in this program, you must be an undergraduate, UTSC student in your first year at UTSC. Transfer students and students with transfer credits are welcome and encouraged to apply. 
The First Year Learning Communities Program is open to the following programs of study:
  • Arts (Humanities, Social Sciences and Visual & Performing Arts)
  • Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Life Science
  • Physical & Environmental Sciences
  • Psychological & Health Sciences

If you are a Management student, we encourage you to apply to the FLIP Program. The FLIP Program is a comparable program designed for Management students. You can apply at

The First Year Learning Communities Program does not count toward academic credit. However, your participation in a First Year Learning Community will be noted on your Co-Curricular Record. To be eligible for Co-Curricular Recognition, you must regularly attend FLC events and complete a year-end reflection.

Your Co-Curricular Record is an official record that recognizes the skills and experiences you have had beyond the classroom. It will track your activities throughout your time at U of T. It will help you to better understand the skills you are developing and how they might apply to other contexts. Documenting your co-curricular experiences will also help you to market your skills and experiences to graduate schools and potential employers, and help you speak about them in a meaningful way on grant and bursary applications.