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Are you looking to be a role model, and support the personal and academic success of Black Youth in the Scarborough Community? Imani has thrived in the presence, support, and commitment of our Black undergraduate students in the University of Toronto Community.  Through matching youth in the Scarborough community with our UTSC staff, we aim to give our university students an opportunity to become role models in the lives of youth, while also building an atmosphere of support and impact amongst their peers.

Why Get Involved?

  • Create meaningful connections with youth in the Scarborough community in Middle School and High School
  • Develop your leadership skills in facilitation, communication, teaching, mentoring and more.
  • Engage in thought-provoking curriculum along with mentees and mentors to learn focused on Black identity, empowerment and more
  • Make a difference in encouraging post-secondary education for middle school and high school students

Why Mentor?

Through the Imani Black Academic Mentorship Program, we provide an experience that offers Black undergraduate students an opportunity to be connected with students throughout Scarborough and have hands-on experience in community engagement and peer support.  We also created multiple avenues to empower our participating mentors through complementary programs and opportunities including: 

  • Imani Tri-Mentorship Program - Get connected with a Black Professional through the Imani Tri-Mentorship Program.  Foster a personal relationship to receive guidance with personal growth, professional development, and academic excellence.
  • Academic and Career Support - Through access to workshops in Career Development and Academic Support resources, the Imani Academic Mentorship Program aims to provide active support to participating mentors in their growth in Post-Secondary Education.
  • Ongoing Mentoring and Leadership Development - In addition to active support of mentees in the Imani program, our staff create opportunities to share insights and continue your growth as a leader through ongoing check-in’s and supports for students.
  • Access to Financial Support - Understanding the ongoing commitment of the work done in Imani, we have ongoing opportunities for students to receive financial support through bursaries throughout the year.


Roles in the Imani Black Academic Mentorship Program

Work Study Students would provide leadership in the preparation, delivery, and follow-up activities at a designated school site while supporting a team of U of T Student Volunteers 

Volunteer students who provide support in the delivery and preparation of Afrocentric curriculum activities and lessons, alongside Site Facilitator at a designated school. 


(Honorarium offered to all Site Assistants who complete the program). 

Volunteering Students who provide direct support to Imani Mentorship Program mentees, through ongoing relationship development, activities, and engagement through the year. 

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