Smudging Ceremony Guidelines

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Smudging Ceremony Guidelines

Smudging is an Indigenous tradition which involves the burning of sweetgrass, sage, and/or cedar. Sage and cedar smudges produce a very strong and distinct aroma but the smoke associated with it is minimal and lasts a very short time. Sweetgrass has a very mild aroma and produces less smoke. A smudge is burned primarily for purification and to help to create a positive mind set.

Tobacco is used in pipe ceremonies by pipe carriers.

Under Section 13 of Ontario Smoke Free Act smudging, the use of tobacco, the smoking of tobacco or holding lighted tobacco by First Nations and Metis persons for traditional First Nations and Metis cultural or spiritual purposes are permitted. The University of Toronto Scarborough has recognized that smudging and pipe ceremonies are a part of the Indigenous traditional way of life and are therefore permitted on campus.

Please keep in mind the following:

See the list of rooms below that have been pre-approved as locations for smudging ceremonies.  If another location is requested, it must be approved by Fire Manager and Chief Engineer.

Common Spaces   Meeting Rooms   Classrooms
AA112 Foyer   AA160   AA112
AC227 Green Room   AA401   AA204 to AA209
ARC Outdoor Quad   BV521   AC223
BV380 RCL   BV540   BV260
BV Hallway   EV140 Boardroom   BV355
DMG   EV202   HW214
Gallery 1265   EV231   HW215
EV151 Catalyst Centre   EV302   HW306
ESCB Atrium   EV331   HW308
HW212A MarketPlace Meeting Room   EV402   HW310
HW305 MarketPlace Upper Cafeteria   EV431   IC120
H Wing Patio   EV502   IC130
IC Atirum   EV531   IC200
IC Courtyard   The Hub IC 130   IC204
IC Front Vestibule   IC318   IC208
IC Rooftop Garden   MW324   IC212
Meeting Place   SL232   IC220
MW130 and Patio   SL233   IC230
MW Atrium   SW403 Old Council   MW110
SW Plaza   SY205   MW120
SY110 Lobby       MW130
Student Village Centre (Common Area)       MW140
SL Multifaith SL281       MW160
SL Food Court Seating Area       MW170
HL Event Centre        MW223

Prior to the event, send an email to the Manager, Security Systems & Services to inform them.

An email notification must be sent to the building occupants in the surrounding area (48-hour notice).

Some people may have sensitivity or allergies to the smoke created during the ceremony, and they must be given the opportunity to leave the area prior to the event.

Prior to the ceremony, please make note of the nearest fire extinguisher.

During the ceremony a notice must be posted on the door of the location.

During the ceremony, never leave any burning material unattended and douse the burning material immediately after the conclusion of the smudging ceremony.