Funding Opportunities

There are a number of ways in which Campus Groups can fund their activities:

1.     Membership Fees

Collecting membership fees enables a Campus Group to expand the offerings available to members without charging fees for each activity. The organization’s executive usually determines the exact amount of the fee, although it rarely exceeds $10.00. This fee is proposed as part of an operating budget presented to general members for approval at a valid general meeting each year.

2.    Fundraising

Organizations can offer food and other materials (clothing, arts and crafts, etc.) for sale or hold events with an admission fee throughout the year. This is acceptable as long as the events are approved in accordance with the University’s risk procedures and guidelines.

Prizes can only be offered as door prizes, incentives to attract participants or as a non-conditional benefit for being part of the organization.  You cannot sell raffle tickets which will provide a winner with a prize.

3.    Sponsorship

Campus Groups can approach external organizations for monetary or product sponsorship. Almost all sponsors will expect some form of return on their investment from your organization. In return for their contribution, you may consider advertising some of their products/services speaker or some other form of exposure. Remember that sponsorship is not always given in the form of money. In fact, most businesses are far more willing to offer sponsorship support in the form of goods and services.

Also note that as a club you are not a registered not-for-profit and can therefore not provide tax-receipts to organizations who sponsor your group.

4.    The CSS Student Enhancement Fund

The Council on Student Services (CSS) allocates $55,000 annually to projects and initiatives that enhance the quality of student life at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Any recognized student organization is eligible to apply for funding. Projects that will receive priority consideration include; those promoted by students,  new projects that have not been previously funded, campus-wide education or outreach programs, accessibility or equity programs, those that demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

5.    Partnership Fund

The purpose of the Partnership Fund is to encourage campus wide collaborations on innovative initiatives, projects, and events that promote a vibrant student experience and are consistent with the strategic goals of UTSC.

The application must include at least one partnership between one or more student organizations or clubs, and a UTSC staff, faculty, or department. Partnerships can also include external community collaborations.

6.    SCSU Club Funding 

The SCSU supports the advancement of recognized student organizations on campus and sets aside approximately $50,000 annually to assist groups with costs arising from events and activities. To apply for funding, student organizations must complete a Funding Request Form available at the SCSU office.

7.    Hart House Good Ideas Fund

One of the ways in which Hart House supports great student-led programming on the UTSC campus is through the Good Ideas Fund (GIF). Funding priorities for the GIF include: activities or projects that reflect the Hart House Strategic Plan; activities or projects that enhance or have a significant impact on student life on campus; activities or projects open to all students; and activities that promote diversity, collaboration and interaction between student groups. Part of this fund is dedicated specifically to UTSC-initiatives.