Birth Control

Birth Control Options: 

It's A Plan - Self-guided tool by Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) to explore what option suits you and your lifestyle.

Sex & U - Website resource for sexual and reproductive health by SOGC

Toronto Public Health - website resource on birth control and STIs

External Condom -  instruction video developed by our Sexual Health Team

Internal Condom - instruction video developed by our Sexual Health Team


Obtaining a Prescription for Birth Control from a HWC Doctor:

If you have never taken prescription birth control First, book for a birth control education session with a nurse at the front desk. Following this session, if you decide you want birth control, book a doctor’s appointment to get a prescription.
If you have taken birth control in the past and you need a new prescription. Book a doctor’s appointment .
If you have a prescription from another doctor (such as your family doctor).

Book a doctor’s appointment at the Health & Wellness Centre to arrange for the prescription to be transferred or to receive a new prescription from our doctors.

You are welcome to register for a birth control education session with a nurse if you want to explore other options.

Birth Control Counselling - One-on-One Sessions:

Students can call the Health & Wellness Centre to book an appointment with a nurse to learn about birth control options. During this session, the nurse will review:

  • Birth control options
  • How birth control methods are used
  • Risks and benefits of birth control methods
  • The importance of, and what is involved with a Pap test
  • Risk of sexually transmitted infections
  • Information on emergency contraception

Following birth control education, students can book an appointment with a doctor to get a prescription for their preferred method of birth control.

Purchasing Birth Control at the Health & Wellness Centre:

Students may purchase some forms of hormonal birth control at our centre if it has been prescribed by a Health & Wellness Centre doctor.  Please see our Price List for information about which forms of birth control we carry and associated costs.  Prescriptions from a doctor from outside our centre can be filled at your local pharmacy.  If you would like to transfer your prescription to purchase birth control at the Health & Wellness Centre, please call and book an appointment with one of the doctors.

Condoms are free and made available in the waiting room for students to pick up anytime during office hours.  If you require latex-free or internal condoms or lubricant, please ask our front desk to see a nurse. Please note, supplies are limited.