Your Privacy and Confidentiality

The University of Toronto health services are committed to high quality, safe care for students across all campus centres. The best care is delivered when your care providers have all your relevant health information.   The privacy of your information is governed by the University's commitment and obligation to follow the rules of a Health Information Custodian. This means our health care practitioners and team keep your information confidential and do not share the information without your consent except in the specific circumstances listed below:

  • To get in touch with relatives or friends if you are injured, incapacitated, ill and unable to give consent personally.
  • If there is a concern, you may harm yourself or others.
  • To report apparent or suspected child abuse.
  • To report sexual abuse by a regulated health professional.
  • where legal circumstances require the University to provide information, for example in response to a subpoena or court order, or to fulfill other mandatory reporting obligations.

If you have questions regarding privacy, how your information is used, or this office generally, please feel free to contact your health centre by phone or by email to the University Health Privacy Officer at, or please raise your concerns at your next visit.