Wellness on Campus Overview

Health Promotion & Education Across Campus

The Health & Wellness Centre supports healthy lifestyles through health promotion. We develop programs, events, and partnerships which encourage students to make informed decisions about their health.


Health & Wellness Centre is excited to work with students, faculty and staff on initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles. If you or your department, or organization are interested in working together on a health promotion initiative, program or project please contact us at health.utsc@utoronto.ca . We look forward to hearing from you!

Wellness Peer Programs

The Wellness Peer Programs, consisting of our student volunteers, share knowledge and information on health topics to promote overall health and wellness for the UTSC campus community.

Their focus is to be a reliable resource to students on campus by contributing to health promotion activities for the purpose of fostering a healthy community. Keep an eye out for them at their next event!

Mental Health Network

The Mental Health Network provides partnerships and collaborations between key stakeholders consisting of students, staff and faculty.

Health Information

In the Health & Wellness Centre we have an array of pamphlets available to all students on various health topics. Nurses are also available for one-on-one counselling regarding nutrition, birth control and to discuss any health topic you may have questions about. Feel free to drop by the centre or follow us on Facebook.