Medical Services

Sarah Rosenberg
Sarah Rosenberg (she/her)
Team Lead, Clinical Services

I've lived in the GTA my whole life, and I love the diversity of its people. I believe it's what truly makes us better and stronger. I live in Markham with my husband and two daughters, and our dog Radar.  

Experience/area of expertise: I've been a nurse for over 15 years, and it is truly my passion. I am a strong advocate for my patients, and I always ensure that me and my team are providing the best evidence-based care possible. My areas of expertise include nursing education, emergency nursing, and paediatric nursing.   

Things I love: Forest walks with my family, Oreos, beach vacations, and Netflix binges.

Titilope Adeoba
Titilope (she/her)
Registered Nurse

I am African, born in Nigeria.   

Experience/area of expertise: My areas of expertise include adult medical-surgical care and community nursing.

Things I love: My go to healthy habit is dancing. I love listening to music when cleaning my environment.

Head shot of a smiling Sri Lankan female young adult, with black rectangular glasses
Dr Nirosha Balasingam (she/her)
Family Doctor

I was raised in Scarborough from a very young age after my family immigrated here from Sri Lanka during the civil war.  I identify as Eelam Tamil.  I completed my undergraduate degree at UTSC and then my MD at the University of Ottawa.  I then returned to U of T to complete my Family Medicine residency in Markham.  I love practicing and giving back to the diverse community of Scarborough in which I grew up!

Experience/area of expertise: My areas of expertise are in general family medicine and student health.

Things I love: I love spending time with family and friends, playing soccer and staying active and getting a good night's sleep! 

Picture of Liza Cojuanco smiling
Liza Cojuangco (she/her)
Registered Nurse

Born and raised in the beautiful Philippines, my passion for nursing has taken me on an incredible journey across different parts of the world. I had the privilege of working in Dubai before making Canada my new home.

Experience/area of expertise: Throughout my career, I've found immense fulfillment in being an advocate for my patients. I believe in being their voice when they can't speak up for themselves, striving to ensure they achieve optimum health and well-being. My commitment to compassionate care and my diverse experiences have enriched my approach to nursing, allowing me to connect with patients from various backgrounds.

Things I love: I enjoy travelling, exploring new places in Canada (e.g. drove from Ontario to Calgary during COVID), grocery shopping and spending time with my husband and two kids. 

White woman with a short blonde bob, smiling, wearing UTSC Health & Wellness zip-up sweatshirt
Dr Emily Fraser (she/her)
Family Doctor

I am a Nova Scotian who has lived in Toronto for over 10 years. I completed medical school at the University of Ottawa in 2010. I am so happy and proud to call Scarborough my home and place of work! 

Experience/Area of Expertise: I have been working as a family physician since 2012. I am extremely passionate about caring for University students during such a pivotal time in their lives. I work full time at UTSC and love my job! My areas of interest include Mental Health, Trans Affirming Care, Sexual Health, Acne Management and all other areas of general family practice. I am inspired daily by UTSC students, as we work together to help them live their happiest and healthiest lives! 

Things I love: Spending weekends with my husband and two children. Travelling to Nova Scotia to see my family. Eating out at restaurants all over the GTA. I also love discussing recent Netflix reality shows :)

Dr. Elizabeth Fung
Dr Elizabeth Fung (she/her)
Family Doctor

My ethnicity is Chinese. I was born in Scarborough and grew up in Markham.   

Experience/area of expertise: My area of expertise is in general family medicine.   

Things I love: My go to healthy habit is keeping a regular sleep routine.  I love travelling. My favourite country that I have visited is Japan.

Dr Hossai Furmli (she/her)
Family Doctor

Bio coming soon.

Dr. Sarla Jattan
Dr Sarla Jattan (she/her)
Family Doctor

I consider myself an international person.  I have lived in many countries. I am Canadian of South Asian origin. As a child, I traveled extensively, as my father worked for United Nations.  I went to University of Windsor for my BSc. and University of Toronto for medical school and residency.  My faith is spiritual and I identify with all religions.

Experience/area of expertise: I came to work at UTSC over 30 years ago, as I would like to see young people of all cultures/races and religion and genders optimize their potential and contribute to society. My area of expertise is family medicine.  

Things I love: My go to healthy habit is hugging my kids. I love sunshine.

Catherine Lee (she/her)
Registered Nurse

Bio coming soon.

Dr Danielle Manis (she/her)
Family Doctor

Bio coming soon.

Dr Gayathtri Raveendran (she/her) - ON LEAVE
Family Doctor

Bio coming soon.

Dr Hrishov Sarker (he/him)
Family Doctor

Bio coming soon.

Rajani Sellathurai
Rajani Sellathurai (she/her) - ON LEAVE
Registered Nurse

I am a second-generation Canadian of Tamil heritage, and am a proud UTSC alumna.  I’m grateful to call the beautiful suburbs of Scarborough “home,” having lived and grown up, and made many memories here throughout my life.

Experience/area of expertise: I have over 5 years of experience as a primary care nurse working with post-secondary students at both St. George and Scarborough campuses.

Things I love: Outside of the office I enjoy writing, painting, spending time with family, and practicing yoga. I ground myself with the quote: "One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful”. It’s important to enjoy the journey as much as the destination we are all striving to get to.

Brammya Srikantharajah
Brammya Srikantharajah (she/her) - ON LEAVE
Registered Nurse

I identify as female. I am a second generation immigrant. My parents are from Sri Lanka.  

Experience/area of expertise: I am a Registered Nurse with primary care and community care experience.  

Things I love: My go to healthy habit is meal prepping for the week on Sundays.  I enjoy eating sweets and trying different cuisines.