Wellness Peer Programs Overview

Wellness peer program students at Welcome day
Promoting wellness peer programs on campus

The Wellness Peer Programs share knowledge and information on health topics to promote overall health and wellness for the UTSC campus community.

The programs' focus is to be a reliable resource to students on campus by contributing to health promotion activities for the purpose of fostering a healthy community. As an important part of the Health & Wellness Centre, the Wellness Peer Programs collaborate with campus peer programs, student groups and departments to provide educational opportunities such as displays, walkabouts, and events that inform and empower students to make healthier choices that support academic success and personal resiliency.

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The Wellness Peer Programs are made up of UTSC student volunteers referred to as Peer Educators and Ambassadors, who have been trained in the following programs.

Health & Wellness Centre Ambassador Team

Provide outreach for the services at the Health & Wellness Centre.

Ambassador for the health and wellness centre

Mental Wellness Team

Provide awareness on emotional well-being, stress management, relaxation, self-care, sleep and destigmatizing mental illness.

mental wellness team

Nutritional Health Team

Provide awareness on Canada’s Food Guide, dieting, metabolism, vegetarianism and healthy eating.

nutritional health

Party In The Right Spirit Team

Alcohol and drug awareness peer program in partnership with Toronto Public Health and DrinkSmart, specifically focused on impairment, liability, risk taking and communication skills related to partying.

party in the right spirit

Sexual Health Team

Provide awareness on healthy relationships, birth control, barrier methods, STIs and HIV prevention.

sexual health


Peer Support Team

Offers weekly group peer support for UTSC students, facilitates meditation and relaxation workshops, supports and conducts outreach of services


Health & Wellness Centre Representatives

Student volunteers affiliated with Departmental Student Associations that provide outreach about our services and in addition to mental health supports to their academic department and students


If you have any questions about the Wellness Peer Programs or would like to arrange for a specific presentation for a group of students please email health.utsc@utoronto.ca .

Join the Wellness Peer Programs

If you would like to join the Wellness Peer Program, please review the WPP volunteer job description and fill in the application form (open in February/March).

Wellness Peer Programs are recognized by the CCR.