HealthyU: Wellness Peer Program Overview


The HealthyU: Wellness Peer Program (WPP) is a student-run initiative in which volunteers and Team Leads (work study) promote health education and resources related to five areas: Healthy Campus, Mental Health, Nutritional Health, Substance Awareness, and Sexual Health. They also provide information to students about the Health & Wellness Centre's mental health and medical services. 

The WPP are a reliable source on campus to get connected to wellness opportunities. Collectively, these 70+ student volunteers lead health promotion activities for the purposes of fostering a healthy community. Connect with the WPP at upcoming events such as The HealthyU Experience events, workshops, or tabling in the BV hallway! They wear bright sky blue t-shirts with their team name on the front.

The HealthyU: Wellness Peer Program members have been trained in the following programs.

Healthy Campus Team

Curate health-focused workshops and events that educate students about the six pillars of "Healthy Campus", as well as connect with specific student communities on campus.

Mental Health Team

Provide awareness on emotional well-being, stress management, relaxation, self-care, sleep and destigmatizing mental illness.

Nutritional Health Team

Provide awareness on Canada’s Food Guide, meal prepping, food insecurity, and healthier eating.

Substance Awareness Team

Alcohol and drug awareness peer program in partnership with DrinkSmart, specifically focused on impairment, peer pressure, gambling/betting and communication skills related to substance use and other addictions.

Sexual Health Team

Provide awareness on healthy relationships, birth control, 2SLGBTQ+ health, barrier methods, STIs and HIV prevention.

If you have any questions about the Wellness Peer Program or would like to arrange for a specific presentation for a group of students please email .

Join the Wellness Peer Program

If you would like to join the Wellness Peer Program, please check here for more information and the application form.