Wellness Peer Programs Volunteer Job Description

The Health & Wellness Centre recruits UTSC students as volunteers to be part of the Wellness Peer Programs each February/March in preparation for the following year.  If you plan to be a registered student at UTSC in the upcoming Fall semester and want to be part of the Wellness Peer Programs, please find job description and application below. 

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Check out our 2020-21 Wellness Peer Program Teams conducting peer created, peer led Wellness Talks @ Home.

Wellness Peer Programs - Wellness Peer Educator/Ambassador Job Description

Location: UTSC Health & Wellness Centre
Number of Positions: 6 positions for each program – total of 30 new positions annually
Hours of Volunteering: 2-5hr/wk
Position Duration: Fall/Winter
Position Start Date: May - summer includes training (early May and late August) and some planning if available, then regular volunteering starts in September.
Position End Date: April 30


  • Communication
  • Creative
  • Interpersonal
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Organizational
  • Public Speaking
  • Group Facilitation
  • Teamwork
  • Marketing

Position Description:

Overall Goal of the Wellness Peer Programs: To have UTSC students, under the guidance and support of Health & Wellness Centre, become a reliable resource for their peers by contributing to health promotion initiatives for the purpose of fostering a healthy community.

Role of the Wellness Peer Educators/Ambassadors

Objective 1: Peer Educators/Ambassadors will enhance their knowledge on wellness topics and issues by attending a 3-day training, (April/May and August/September).

Objective 2: Peer Educators/Ambassadors will enhance their communication skills by interacting with UTSC students to disseminate wellness information in a creative manner that is respectful and accurate. This can be achieved through displays, campaigns, social marketing, facilitation of workshops, writing of articles, etc.

Objective 3: Peer Educators/Ambassadors will gain the skill to identify and support individuals that may require further information, referral to the Health & Wellness Centre and appropriate student resources.

Objective 4: Peer Educators/Ambassadors will develop organization, leadership and teamwork skills through regular group meetings to plan for events, workshops, displays, promotions, etc. and meet requests of the UTSC community.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Complete compulsory 3-day training (April/May and August/September) and future professional development opportunities throughout the year.
  • Market and Participate in events throughout the year:
    • Present displays which will include First Year Orientation Week and Wellness Fair and other UTSC events and other requests at UTSC.
    • Facilitate workshops/conferences which will include events at student residence and other student clubs, organizations and requests at UTSC.
    • Incorporate social media in campaigns and dissemination of health messages
  • Plan initiatives, events, projects in a team setting
  • Develop relationships with UTSC community to initiate collaborations on campus
  • Meet deadlines of projects
  • Attend weekly meetings and communicate among peer educators based on group needs (eg. team meetings, in person, email, telephone, etc).
  • Provide and maintain accurate contact information
  • Position CCR recognized. 

Additional Responsibilities Specific for Peer Supporter Applicants
Provide one on one peer support and group support on a weekly basis
Be available for destress station requests from campus partners
Provide meditation and relaxation demonstrations and workshops

How to Apply:

Please complete online application on MS Forms

Deadline: March 24, 2023