Product + Service Fees

Products and Services - Patient Price List

We accept the following methods of payment only:

  • TBucks (with your T-Card)
  • Debit

Products and Services

Prices are effective February 1, 2024, and subject to change.

Please note that, due to changes in vendor pricing, and in an effort to harmonize fees across all U of T campuses, we have updated the fees for some of our products and services.


Name DIN Price
Alysena (generic Alesse) 02387883 $5.00
Evra Patch 02248297 $15.00
Kyleena IUS 02459523 $375.00
Mya (generic Yaz) 02415380 $10.00
Haloette (generic NuvaRing) 02520028 $12.00


Emergency Contraceptives

Name DIN Price
Backup Plan OneStep (generic Plan B) 02433532 $10.00
Ella 02436329 $30.00


Other Medications

Name Price
FeraMax (30 capsules) $20.00
Fluconazole (150 mg capsule) (generic CanesOral) $5.00



Name DIN Price
Gardasil 9® (HPV) 02437058 $185.00
Engerix B (Hepatitis B) 02487039 $30.00
Twinrix (Hepatitis A & B) 02230578 $63.50


Other Services

Service Price
Wart Treatment (with the exception of genital and plantar warts, which are covered by insurance) $10.00



Third Party Services (including Documentation Services)

If you need a document completed by a health professional for any of the reasons listed below, these services are considered a "third-party request" and are not covered by OHIP or UHIP.  Fees may vary. Please contact us for more information.

Fees for Third Party Form Completion

Examples include: Government legislation, employment, health club, association or camp, insurance, license, university or college admission, immunization forms, and other third party forms.

Form Fee
Third Party General Assessment & Form Completion $75.00
TB Skin Test with Documentation (per step) $15.00
Immunization Form $25.00
Sick Note/Form (not for course work) $10.00


Fees for Release of Medical Records

Patients may request a copy of their medical records at any time.  Please contact us for additional information.  Please note that requests can take up to 20 business days or longer to be processed, depending on the situation.

For example: transferring records to a new family doctor.

Record Release Item Fee
First 25 pages $30.00
Each page after the first 25 $0.10
Postage and Handling $5.00
Express Shipping with a Tracking Number $15.00

Please note: additional postage charges may apply for US and international mailing.

Late Cancellation and Missed Appointments (Known as "No-Shows")


Fee Harmonization 
The new fees for late cancellations and no-shows are outlined below and standardized across the Centres at all campuses as of February 5, 2024:

Appointment Type

Cancellation Notification Required:
Business Hours (excludes weekends, holidays)


Any 15-minute appointment






Family doctor, counsellor, Social Worker, Psychologist, Registered Psychotherapist, medical resident or fellow, dietician 

Charge/fee also applies to group programs






For example, if you have a Monday morning appointment with a psychiatrist, please notify us by the Thursday morning prior.

For a Monday morning appointment with other clinicians, please notify us by Friday morning.


To cancel a scheduled appointment please visit us at SL270 or call the Health & Wellness Centre, 416-287-7065, to let us know.   Please leave a voicemail with your name, student number, date, and time of your appointment.     Thank you.