UTSC Interhouse

UTSC Interhouse 

UTSC Interhouse are student run leagues that allow students, faculty, staff and alumni who have obtained a TPASC membership to compete in various sports within the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre.  The objective of UTSC Interhouse is to provide opportunities for individual development through various activities, increase social contacts, growth of lasting friendships and recreation for individuals, regardless of their skill ability.  The time commitment is at a maximum of one hour per week.

All leagues are coed and some offer multiple divisions.

Registration is required as either a team or as an individual (free agent).

How to Join 

  1. Visit www.imleagues.com/utsc and register your team and then invite your teammates to join your team!  You will receive confirmation by email outlining your next steps and detailed information.  All players must use their University of Toronto email address.  Players will not be allowed to participate without being on the roster.
  2. All team captains and participants are to join the virtual league meeting for the league(s) you wish to join.
  3. Attend scheduled games and have fun! All schedules for regular season games will be posted on your league page (www.imleagues.com/utsc)

If you do not have a team and would like to register as a Free Agent, go directly to www.imleagues.com/utsc, click on the league of choice and “register as free agent”.  Captains will then be able to add you to their respective teams.
For more information on these leagues or to complete your registration, please contact Tony at anthony.cicirello@utoronto.ca