Walking and running trails

 An urban campus on the edge of nature, UTSC and its surrounding environment offer ample opportunities to take a break. Food services will even pack a picnic for those who are ready to explore.

The trails are ideal for walking, running, biking as well as snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Five different routes encompass a variety of terrain and plant life, and present the exceptional scenery and wildlife of Highland Creek. There is something for everyone, and for all skill levels.

The designated paths and interpretive trails take you to points of interest on and near the beautiful UTSC campus. Some paths provide all-weather walking surfaces, wide enough for two people.  The unimproved trails are typical of what you would find in many natural areas of this region. You can start on each trail at any point.

**Please be respectful of other trail users and our neighbours. Carry out anything that you have carried in.


Find a route to match your ability and time schedule


Principal's Walk: 4km return

This is a perfect walk for exercise and also gives you the chance to view some of UTSC’s Ravine Zone unique plant and animal life. The comfortable walk will lead you from the Urquhart Memorial Butterfly Garden through the ravine to Dan Lang Field, the UTSC Tennis Centre and the historic Miller Lash House.


Lake Trek: 10km return

Follow the Highland Creek to Lake Ontario along a paved trail system that passes Colonel Danforth Park. The easternmost of the Great Lakes and the 14th largest lake in the world, Ontario –derived from the Huron and Iroquois words for beautiful lake and sparkling water—is closer than you think.


Hilly challenge: 6km return

It’s challenging.  It’s spectacular.  It’s worth doing again.  A combination of trails and local streets will leave you feeling accomplished. 


TPASC and Trails: 5km return

Escape the treadmills and stationary bikes - spend time with nature. Whether on foot or on a bike, you’ll get a great workout, and circle the UTSC campus at the same time. There is plenty to see in Morningside Park and the Highland Creek Valley. Start and finish at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre – it’s a convenient and great place to stretch out.


Rouge beach trail: 8km one way

Visit our local beach gem where the Rouge River meets Lake Ontario. Venture on bike or foot through the Highland creek trail to Lake Ontario. Continue along the lakeside trail enjoying the natural beauty.