Scarborough College Athletic Association

Scarborough College Athletic Association

The Scarborough College Athletics Association (SCAA) is an elected student council that strives to initiate, organize, and promote athletic, social and recreation activities for the student body of a the University of Toronto Scarborough. The SCAA is intent upon delivering the best possible athletic and social eperience to the student body on campus. 

The purpose of the SCAA, according to their constitution, will be:

a) To initiate, organize, and promote athletic, social, and recreational activities of the student body at Scarborough College.

b) To act, as the representative athletics body of Scarborough College, and on behalf of the students in all matters concerning athletics and recreation, except those which are the specific responsibilities of the College Administration (all actions in co-operation with the Department of Athletics & Recreation).

c) To promote and maintain the highest standards in amateur sport among the members of the Association

d) To promote College spirit on all possible occasions and to work with other organizations to this end.

They are here to serve you, not only student-athletes, but ALL students at Scarborough College, to the very best of their abilities.

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