Claim Forms and UHIP Coverage

Group of students at a Health and Wellness information booth

How do I submit a claim form?

First, you need to complete the UHIP claim form. Then you can submit the claim for through the Cowan Secure online portal.  Alternatively, you can physically mail the claim form, along with the original receipt of payment attached, to Cowan (address can be found on the website) within 12 months.

Can I cancel my UHIP coverage?

You can only cancel your UHIP if you have one of UHIP’s pre-approved plans listed in the UHIP Exemptions List.

If you are enrolled in any of these pre-approved plans, you may visit the ISC office with proof of your health coverage in order to opt out of UHIP. The refund for your UHIP premium will be adjusted on your ROSI account. All pre-approved exemption requests must be submitted within 45 days of your UHIP eligibility dateNo other requests will be considered.  Please see below for other more information.

Can I enroll my parents or other family members in UHIP?

You may enroll your spouse (Husband and Wife), common law partner or children in UHIP within 30 days of their arrival in Canada. UHIP does not consider parents, siblings or other family members to be dependents (therefore, you cannot enroll them under UHIP). In order to enroll your eligible dependents, you need to book an appointment (using your UTORid) with the UHIP office at the St. George Campus. For detailed information, visit the section of ‘Dependent Enrolment’ on the CIE website.

For payment, only students themselves can submit payment by money order through the UHIP office at St. George Campus's online portal. Their dependents need to book an appointment online and come in person to the UHIP office at St. George Campus for payment and paper work. Credit card and Debit payments are ONLY accepted by UHIP office at St. George Campus. 

To find out what to bring to the UHIP office at St. George Campus, please visit the website.   If you have any questions about the process, please email    

I am still lost, where should I get help for UHIP?

Visit the UHIP website or contact the UTSC UHIP Office:

International Student Centre
1265 Military Trail, Highland Hall, HL448
Toronto, Ontario, M1C 1A4, Canada
Tel: 416-287-7087

UHIP Office Hours:

Every Monday to Friday, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm at HL 4th floor.