When You Return

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You’ve participated in a global experience, now what? Connect with the Global Learning team to learn how to make the most of your experience, from reflection to work preparation, etc.

Global Mobility Debrief

Workshops or day-long conference, TBA

Bring your Global Experience to the Local

Global Citizenship Certificate

The Global Citizenship Certificate prepares you for working and succeeding in a culturally diverse and rapidly changing world. Through a combination of workshops, intercultural experiences, and co-curricular activities, you will gain a highly valued global perspective, deepen your understanding of human diversity, and enhance your understanding of local and global communities.

What's Cooking? Intercultural Food Discussions

With such a diverse population at UTSC learning about different types of food can help facilitate intercultural learning. Through our cooking sessions students are able to explore the relation between food and culture from different perspectives. Students enjoy a hands-on cooking experience and develop their problem solving skills in the kitchen.

Cultural Events

Our campus community is truly global, from international students from over 150 countries to domestic students belonging to a wide variety of cultural and ethnic groups. Learn about different cultural festivals and join in the festivities through our cultural events from Thanksgiving to Diwali to Lunar New Year.

Real Talk: Conversations on Pop Culture, Community, and Politics

From Beyonce and #Brownskingirl, the social movement that is Area 51 to unpacking that highlighter on fleek, join us for a casual and engaging monthly conversation as we explore a variety of hot topics in pop culture through conversations and shared connections.