Global Local Program

Students working in the community

Our Global Local Program is committed to equity, inclusion, and intercultural connectedness through an examination of local-global connections, globalization, transnationalism, politics of the diaspora, and cultural identity. The Global Local Program allows you to develop a deeper awareness of local and global issues by examining how local and global issues are connected, while helping you develop the skills to work and learn with diverse communities at home and abroad.  


“The most memorable part of the GCC was the community experience. While we were sorting clothes at the Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities for the clothing bank I saw my high school friends mum come to use the services and you know you never think people in your circle would be using these services but it’s a reminder that social issues are prevalent everywhere. I always thought these issues existed globally and not locally but knowing that there is such an in-demand clothing and food bank just ten minutes from school made me really reconsider how I contribute to these challenges through being wasteful or through fast fashion. Do I really need those new Nike kicks?” 

-- Second Year UTSC Student