Celebrating Success in Experiential Learning

The University of Toronto Scarborough is the only U of T campus that offers formal CEWIL-accredited co-operative education programs in Management. As leaders in Work-Integrated Learning (WIL), our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students work hand-in-hand with faculty, employers, and community partners to co-create dynamic learning experiences both inside and beyond the classroom.


The Department of Management is proud to announce our 2023 Award Winners, each of whom leads with innovation, collaboration, and values that underscore our mission to develop Experience to Lead within all of our students and partners.

Browse our award categories below then scroll down to meet the winners!

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Management Award Categories

Awarded annually by Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning (CEWIL) Canada to recognize outstanding student achievement among more than 130 post-secondary institutions representing over 100,000 co-op and WIL students nationwide.

Awarded annually to a student who has gone above and beyond the role of student to embody a student leader, as nominated by a member of the Management and Economics faculty. These candidates are an active member of the community, a scholar, and a role model for all Management and Economics students. 

Named for the University of Toronto Scarborough alumnus who founded the Management Co-op program, the Dr. Jon Dellandrea Award is given annually to a top employer who:

  • Fosters the growth of co-op throughout their organization;
  • Provides unparalleled development opportunities for co-op talent; and,
  • Motivates students to excel in their work terms and develop a keen interest in staying on full time after graduation.

Awarded annually by the Department of Management Co-op to students who demonstrate high achievement in the workplace and are outstanding representatives of themselves and the Management Co-op program during their work term.

Awarded annually to the manager/supervisor who delivers outstanding mentorship to advance students’ learning while on work term, as nominated by Management Co-op students.

Awarded annually to the Management and Economics faculty member who demonstrates unparalleled levels of excellence, innovation, and collaboration in their approach to teaching and learning, as voted by students.

Awarded annually to U of T Scarborough Management volunteers who have been active on campus and in our community. Nominees must have provided (or currently be providing) outstanding volunteer service, either making a strong impact within the Department of Management or within Scarborough or the global community in partnership with the Department of Management.