Chemistry Resources

Brym Mawr College (Buffers & Titrations)

Titrations and acid/base material can at times be quite challenging for first year students taking CHMA11 and this site attempts to alleviate the anxiety associated with these concepts.  Students will find this site beneficial during exam time as it is filled with questions regarding buffer systems and titrations as well as a complete set of solutions. By highlighting shortcuts and handy tips in the solution set, this site will enable students to reduce anxiety and instead focus on what they already know that can help them solve these types of chemistry problems.

Chem Aid Centre  at UTSC

Chemistry study guides

Study guides and resources for Chemistry courses at UTSC

Crash Course

Crash Course has numerous YouTube videos explaining biological concepts through easy-to-understand language and animations.

General Chemistry Starting Points for Students

As eluded to in the title, this website is a great starting point to understand the foundations of General Chemistry. This website connects one to tutorials based on subject, an informative Question and Answer section, along with other resources.

General Chemistry Online

Provides a plethora of information including simulations, tutorials, quizzes, and a survival guide for chemistry exams containing checklists and online exams.

Khan Academy

Library of video tutorial, including interactive challenges, assessments, and videos from any computer with access to the web

Lab Report

Learn how to lab report using the following guide.

Michigan State University

The Michigan State University has provided many sample questions and complete solution sets based on topics covered in CHMA10 and CHMB41. The topics include aromaticity, acids and bases, nomenclature and much more that will be taught in advanced courses that students may take as they complete their undergrad. The added bonus includes an online virtual textbook to verify concepts and doubts that arise while doing the practice set. In addition, the site provides links to more practice problems from UCLA, MIT and Ohio State University.

Socratic by Google

This is a helpful free app that offers help on a variety of biological related concepts. Socratic also has the function to take pictures of problems and offers possible help to solve them or connect to resources to help. The app includes videos, step-by-step explanations and external resources.


UTSC Research Guides  

Research advice, useful tools, and the best resources for your subject needs  by U of T librarians. Search the guides written specifically for your course at UofT.