Jobs for Grads

Jobs for Grads is our name for the exclusive access graduates can obtain to full time job listings graduates can find in CLN, as well as ongoing access to our workshops, and employer events on campus to help graduating students and recent graduates find full time employment. Users maintain access to this service for 2 years beyond their convocation date.

Who is eligible? All graduate students, U of T students with 14+ credits, students graduating in this calendar year, and recent graduates (within 2 years of convocation).

How can I register? Attend a mandatory Jobs for Grads orientation session. The workshop is a job search “crash course” and gets great reviews from students! Registration as well as information on upcoming dates can be found by logging into CLN and viewing the Events & Workshops in Scarborough calendar.

NOTE: As employers are typically seeking degreed students (or impending degreed students), students who are completing graduate degrees (Master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral) receive automatic access to Jobs for Grads and are exempt from attending an orientation session, but you are welcome to attend for the learning!

By attending a Jobs for Grads orientation session you will be able to:

  • Access thousands of full time job postings from organizations looking to hire U of T students as they graduate
  • Employ traditional and strategic job search strategies to tap into the hidden job market
  • Gain continued access to special events at all three campuses, including networking events with industry professionals and recruiters, on-campus interviews, and employer information sessions
  • Continue to access other Academic Advising & Career Centre services, including resume & LinkedIn profile critiques, mock interviews, career & employment related workshops, self-assessments, employment coaching, and career counselling appointments

More Information

For more information on Jobs for Grads, please contact Byung Oh at For a prompt response, please include your first name, last name, UTORid and year of study.

Jobs for Grads Orientation – Online Workshop

If you’re not able to attend the workshop in person, you can also take our online option.

To enroll the online workshop:

  • Log into the Blackboard Portal
  • Top right, click on Community
  • Top left, in Organization Search, search for “Jobs for Grads” and click Go
  • Under “Organization ID” there is a course code (uts_aacc_jobs4grads) and a down-arrow
  • Click on the down-arrow and choose Enroll and Submit

To gain full access to CLN job postings,

  • Review the 5 parts of the Jobs for Grads Orientation 
  • Do the quiz!
  • Send an email to to let us know you have completed the quiz

Upon completion, students will gain full access within 1-2 business days.

*Please note that if you customized your Blackboard Portal dashboard, the locations of these items may vary! You may have to reset your dashboard to the default, see the Blackboard Help Pages for instructions on how to do that.

You can also review the Jobs for Grads Orientation videos using the links below,
but you will still have to access our course in the Blackboard Portal and complete the Quiz!  
This is how we know you were engaged in learning about job search strategy.

Jobs for Grads Orientation Online Workshop Videos

Jobs for Grads online workshop videos part 1

Jobs for Grads Orientation – Part 1: CLN & Other Resources 


Please download activities for Parts 1 and 2:
What's Next Checklist and Activity 1 - Transferrable Skills

Jobs for Grads online workshop videos part 2

Jobs for Grads Orientation – Part 2: Know Yourself & Target Area


Jobs for Grads online workshop videos part 3

Jobs for Grads Orientation – Part 3: Market Yourself


Please download activities for Parts 3-5:
Personal Branding, Networking, Action Plan

Find more on Personal Branding on this website:


Jobs for Grads online workshop videos part 4

Jobs for Grads Orientation – Part 4: Use a Variety of Methods [Hidden Jobs & Beyond]


Jobs for Grads online workshop videos part 5

Jobs for Grads Orientation – Part 5: Use a Variety of Methods [Networking & LinkedIn]